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This is a list of the papers and book reviews currently available within the Library section of BLTC.

The Hedonistic ImperativeThe Hedonistic Imperative
Abolitionist Manifesto. 6 files

The Reproductive RevolutionThe Reproductive Revolution
Talk. 1 file

The Biointelligence ExplosionThe Biointelligence Explosion
Talk. 2 files

Compassionate BiologyCompassionate Biology
Paper. 1 file

Why Does Anything Exist?Why does Anything Exist?
Paper. 10 files

Cosmic Consciousness for Tough
            MindsCosmic Consciousness for Tough Minds
Review Essay. 6 files

MDMA/Ecstasy and beyondMDMA: Utopian Pharmacology
Monograph. 1 file

physicalism.comFemto-mind: a testable conjecture
Paper. 1 file

Mental Health in the 21st Century: antidepressants, mood-brighteners and euphoriantsThe Good Drug Guide
Review Essay. 1 file

Nootropics, smart drugs and cognitive enhancersSmart Drugs 2
Review Essay. 1 file

Coca and CocaineAiming for an all-time high
Essay. 1 file

Opioids: the birth of a new generationFuture Opioids
Essay. 4 files

Utopian SurgeryUtopian Surgery
Essay. 2 files

Population Ethics, Aggregate Welfare and the Repugnant ConclusionPopulation Ethics
Essay. 1 file

Reprogramming PredatorsReprogramming Predators
Essay. 1 file

The Post-Darwinian Transition to Paradise-EngineeringThe Post-Darwinian Transition
Review Essay. 8 files

Wireheads and WireheadingThe Wired Society
Paper. 2 files

Utopian Neuroscience
Paper. 1 file

The Abolitionist ProjectThe Abolitionist Project
Talk. 1 file

Critique of Aldous Huxley's Brave New WorldCritique of Huxley's Brave New World
Review Essay. 1 file

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